You started out small. You had just one computer and printer, and everything you did was simple.

But then you had a couple of people sharing the same computer, and you were always tripping over each other, so eventually you bought a couple more.

But now anytime you want to print, you have to load your file on your thumb drive and walk over to the machine with the printer, or email the file to yourself and switch machines.

Worse, one of your machines doesn't even seem to get the internet. Plus you can never remember which machine you saved that important document on, and spend more time looking for things then actually working.

Sounds like it is time for a proper network.

We can help you with simple networks just hooking computers together so they can all print to the same printer, and giving you a common directory to file all your important documents, no matter where you are working.

Or we can take it a step further, and help you set up a server. What's that? More like those computers you used when you worked at that big company, or when you were in university. You know where you would have to log in, but once you did, no matter what computer you were using, you could see your files and your favourites, and everything was easy.

Get in touch and we can talk about how we can make your life more connected.

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