Purchase Advice

Looking to buy a new computer, but not sure what to get?

It seems like every three months, everything changes: different processors, more or different memory, different types of monitors and video cards... How is a person to figure out what kind of machine to get and what is reasonable to pay?

We're happy to help.

We start from your functional requirements to select the equipment you need. Instead of asking you, "How much memory will you need?", we ask you, "What will you use your computer for? Will you just be doing word processing? Will you be surfing the internet? How many people will need to share a calendar? Do you use a blackberry?"

Once we know how you work (and how you dream of working), then we can recommend the right computers and software for you, eliminating the guesswork.

And did we mention that there is a very wide streak of Scottish cheapness in us? We're not going to upsell you a more expensive machine than you need, partly because we are cheap, and also because we don't sell computers, so we have no vested interests.

Equitum Consulting Ltd.