Running for Office & Lobbying

You've always dreamed of being the town dog catcher, or perhaps winning a seat on the school board or even being elected mayor (after all, if Pat Fiacco can do it...).

You'll need a campaign slogan and some volunteers and some money and maybe a mailing list, and definitely a new pair of running shoes. And Equitum to help you at every step of the campaign.

Or maybe your organization has a great program idea, and just need some government funding to get it up and running. While the provincial government might not like lefties like Equitum, we can work behind the scenes with you to craft your grant proposal and your lobbying pitch so that it creates the right impression on the government.

We've managed and worked on literally dozens of political campaigns at the nomination, municipal, provincial and federal level (and are planning our first campaign for Galactic Overlord when the time is right). And we've got years of experience lobbying and being lobbied.

We can take our experience and put it to work for you. And then when you are elected dog catcher, we hope you'll remember the little people who made it all possible!

Equitum Consulting Ltd.